If there is a mistake on our part of sending your order, t he shipping and return costs are solely for our store.

However, if you do not want to keep the glasses you ordered for your own reasons (incorrect choice of number or if the glass is not your preferred color, application etc), both the original shipping and return costs will charge the customer (ie € 3.50 + € 3.50 = € 7). In this case we will contact you for a bank account number in which you will be deposited the amount corresponding to the value of the glasses you paid (minus the commissions that have been withheld by the Bank or the PayPal service).
Of course, to make it easier for you to go back to the glasses-money, one of our stores without the above-mentioned transportation charges, as long as you return the glasses at the store of your choice (in every case in perfect condition as they were taken during their purchase and without damage, scratches, etc.).

WARNING: Changes of eyeglasses-money backs are not made if you choose to pick up and pay for the glasses you ordered electronically from one of our physical stores.

For any clarifications please contact us at e-shop (info@matimati.gr).
WARNING: Changes with glasses purchased from our physical stores will not be accepted, and vice versa.

Product changes are accepted within ten (10) calendar days.

Excluded are products that have been processed - special construction prior to delivery to the customer, or wear during use by the customer.

As far as eyeglass changes are concerned, we would like to inform you that these are possible within 10 working days and with proof of purchase in 2 ways: You can: a) return the glass back and send you the new glasses you want in this in case you are charged with the return shipping and the transport costs of the new shipment (ie € 3.50 + € 3.50 = € 7).
Also b) you can choose to make a change to one of our stores without your shipping charges.
In this case, you should have prior consultation with us so that if it is not immediately available at the store you wish for the change, send it first from our headquarters and then be notified of the new receipt.

For any clarifications please contact us at e-shop (info@matimati.gr), at 2410-418933, MONDAY - FRIDAY 08.00-15.00.